Table 1:

Participant characteristics

CharacteristicNo. of participants*
n = 11
Age, yr, mean (range)55 (35–64)
Place of work
 Specialized mental health clinic5
 Academic hospital2
 General hospital3
 Expertise Centre Euthanasia1
Experience with MAiD
 Independent expert10
 Performed MAiD 2
Clinical expertise§
 Obsessive–compulsive disorders1
 Bipolar disorders1
 Hospital psychiatry2
 Somatic symptom disorders1
 Personality disorders1
 Depressive mood disorders1
 Social psychiatry2
 Autism spectrum disorders1
 Minor mental disabilities1
 Psychotic disorders1
 Electroconvulsive therapy1
Region of work
 North Brabant1
 North Holland5
 South Holland1
Stance on MAiD
 Moderate view6
Religious background
 Christian upbringing, nonpractising5
 Practising Christian1
  • Note: MAiD = medical assistance in dying.

  • * Unless indicated otherwise.

  • The Expertise Centre Euthanasia is an organization that was founded in 2011 and originated from the Dutch interest group promoting a voluntary end of life. The centre was specifically founded to help people who could not go to their own doctor for a MAiD request. They are also available to give advice to doctors. Between 2011 and 2020 they performed the vast majority of all physician-assisted deaths for psychiatric suffering.

  • One participant both performed MAiD and functioned as an independent expert (in separate procedures).

  • § Area of expertise was determined by the participants themselves; some listed more than 1.