Table 3:

Proportion of leaders perceived as racialized compared with the proportion of the general population that self-identified as racialized

RegionLeadership positions held by people perceived as racialized, %*Self-identified racialized population, %Representation gap, %
All health ministry leaders28.0
Hospital leadership by province
 Nova Scotia12.6
 Prince Edward Island07.37.3
 British Columbia23.337.814.5
 New Brunswick07.67.6
 Newfoundland and Labrador011.611.6
  • * Values for health ministries, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia could not be presented as the total number of leaders perceived as racialized was fewer than 5. In these cases, the representation gap could not be calculated.

  • Self-identified population in Canada (for comparison with all health ministry leaders) or by province (for comparison with other health care leaders) from 2016 Canadian Census.

  • Representation gap is the difference between the proportion of leaders perceived as racialized and the proportion of the population that self-identified as racialized.