Table 1:

The telehealth components of the LIVE program9

TelemedicineHMV and ON-VEP team members use information from secure messaging, workflows and ventilator data downloads to provide clinical management
TelecommunicationsTwo-way secure messaging via text, voice or video between patients, families and the health care team
TeleconsultationAd hoc consultation initiated by patients and families and provided by HMV and ON-VEP team members for management of clinical symptoms or ventilator troubleshooting
TelemonitoringCellular connectivity and Bluetooth transmission of ventilator data downloads
TeletherapyAd hoc consultations and interpretation of ventilator data downloads can lead to changes in prescribed ventilator settings
TeleconferenceThree-way audio and video calls that can be initiated by patients, families or the health care team
TelecoachingCounselling and troubleshooting that is provided by a member of the HMV team if the ventilator data downloads show poor adherence to therapy
  • Note: HMV = home mechanical ventilation, LIVE = Long-term In Home Ventilator Engagement, ON-VEP = Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool.