Table 4:

Clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19 compared with patients with influenza before and after multivariable adjustment*

OutcomeUnadjusted effect (95% CI)Adjusted effect (95% CI)
Death3.24 (2.40–4.38)3.46 (2.56–4.68)
ICU use1.47 (1.22–1.76)1.50 (1.25–1.80)
30-day readmission0.97 (0.69–1.35)0.98 (0.70–1.39)
Hospital length-of-stay1.31 (1.09–1.58)1.45 (1.25–1.69)
ICU length-of-stay0.93 (0.57–1.52)1.25 (0.92–1.70)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval, COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019, ICU = intensive care unit.

  • * Models were adjusted for patient age, sex, long-term care residence, Charlson comorbidity index score, admitting hospital, neighbourhood income quintile and neighbourhood quintile of proportion of the population who identify as a visible minority. Outcomes reported are: in-hospital death, admission to ICU at any point during hospitalization, readmission to a medical service or medical–surgical ICU at any participating hospital within 30 days of discharge, hospital length-of-stay and ICU length-of-stay.

  • Poisson regression models were fit for death, ICU, and readmission (effect = relative risk) and negative binomial regression models were fit for hospital and ICU length-of-stay (effect = rate ratio).