Table 1:

Summary of existing studies comparing videoteleconferencing to in-person administration of common cognitive assessment tests for patients with cognitive impairment

TestNo. of studiesTypes of populations studiedAvailable ICCs
Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE)2831,33,37398Healthy controls, MCI, AD, VD, other0.88–0.92
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA)26,27,323Healthy controls, MCI, AD, DLB0.85–0.98
Boston Naming Test (BNT)2931,34,395Healthy controls, MCI, AD0.81–0.93
Clock Drawing Test (CDT)2931,394Healthy controls, MCI, AD0.65–0.71
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised (HVLT-R)2931,394Healthy controls, MCI, AD0.54–0.90
AD Assessment Scale-Cognitive Subscale (ADAS-cog)36,372Healthy controls, MCI, AD0.86
  • Note: AD = Alzheimer disease, DLB = dementia Lewy body, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, MCI = mild cognitive impairment, VD = vascular dementia.