Table 2:

Laboratory data at ICU admission and during ICU stay in 117 critically ill patients with COVID-19

VariableLaboratory data, median (IQR)Reference
On admission to ICU
 Leukocyte count, ×109/L8.1 (5.9–10.8)3.5–12.0
 Lymphocyte count, ×109/L0.8 (0.5–1)1.0–3.0
 Platelet count, ×109/L 215(161–271.5)150–400
 Serum creatinine level, μmol/L86 (70–114)50–110
 Total bilirubin level, μmol/L9 (6–14)3–22
 Direct bilirubin level, μmol/L3.5 (2–7)0–5
 Aspartate aminotransferase level, mU/mL63.5 (38–99)18–40
 Alanine aminotransferase level, mU/mL44 (27–88)17–63
 Lactate level, mmol/L1.5 (1.1–1.9)1–1.8
First 3 days in ICU
 Lowest platelet count, ×109/L190 (155–250)150–400
 Peak serum creatinine level, μmol/L101 (79–148)50–110
 Highest total bilirubin level, μmol/L10 (7–15)3–22
 Highest direct bilirubin level, μmol/L5 (3–9)0–5
 Highest d-dimer concentration, μg/L1560 (740–4000)0–229
 Highest ferritin level, ng/mL1125 (637–2058)15–400
 Highest C-reactive protein level, mg/L148 (87–232)0–10
 Highest creatine kinase level, U/L119 (49–255)25–200
 Highest troponin I level, ng/L15 (7–40)< 26
 Highest troponin T level, ng/L0.02 (0.02–0.08)0–0.4
  • Note: COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019, ICU = intensive care unit, IQR = interquartile range.