Table 2:

Results of cerebrospinal fluid investigations in a 4-year-old boy with aphasia and ataxia

Laboratory testResultReference range
CSF glucose, mmol/L2.93.3–4.4
CSF protein, g/L0.550.15–0.45
CSF appearanceClear/colourlessClear/colourless
Red blood cells, × 106 cells/L<1 0–5
White blood cells, × 106 cells/L390–7
CSF neutrophil differential1%NA
CSF lymphocyte differential80%NA
CSF mono/macro differential19%NA
Bacterial cultureNegativeNegative
PCR for HSV/VZVNegativeNegative
PCR for enterovirus RNANegativeNegative
PCR for Borellia speciesNegativeNegative
  • Note: CSF = cerebrospinal fluid, HSV = herpes simplex virus, NA = not applicable, PCR = polymerase chain reaction, VZV = varicella zoster virus.