Table 6:

Correlation* of the 4 primary (20-condition) scores at the person level

OutcomeOutcome; Pearson correlation coefficient (95% CI)
Primary care consultationsUnplanned admissionsMortalityGeneral outcome
Primary care consultations1
Unplanned admissions0.947 (0.946–0.947)1
Mortality0.777 (0.775–0.779)0.889 (0.888–0.890)1
General outcome0.950 (0.950–0.951)0.989 (0.988–0.989)0.929 (0.929–0.930)1
  • Note: CI = confidence interval.

  • * Weights for each patient were summed, and the within-individual Pearson correlation was calculated between different scores.

  • Results are derived from the 1-year follow-up validation data set obtained in 2015.