Table 1:

Summary of recommendations for communication

Recommendation numberRecommendationSourceGrade
C1Communication with people with PD should be aimed at empowering them to participate in the judgments and choices about their own care.NICE7D
C2Discussions should be aimed at achieving a balance between the provision of honest, realistic information about the condition and the promotion of a feeling of optimism.NICE7D
C3Because people with PD may develop impaired cognitive ability, a communication deficit or depression, they should be provided with both verbal and written communication throughout the course of the disease — which should be individually tailored and reinforced as necessary — and consistent communication from the professionals involved.NICE7D
C4Families and caregivers should be given information about the condition, their entitlements to care assessment and the support services available.NICE7D
C5People with PD should have a comprehensive care plan agreed upon between the individual, their family and caregivers, and all health care providers.NICE7D
C6People with PD should be offered an accessible point of contact with specialist services.NICE7D
  • Note: GPP = good practice point, NICE7 = National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2006 PD Guidelines,7 PD = Parkinson disease.