Box 2: Characteristics of cases of salivary duct adenocarcinoma treated with androgen deprivation therapy
AuthorNo. of casesAge, yr (median)Androgen deprivation therapyResponse
Locati et al.6768Bicalutamide + LHRH analogue1 CR
2 PR
1 SD
Jaspers et al.510669 bicalutamide, 1 bicalutamide + LHRH analogue2 PR
3 SD
5 PD
Soper et al.3187Bicalutamide + LHRH analogue + RTCR
Yamamoto et al.11166BicalutamideCR
Agbarya et al.1157BicalutamideCR
Urban et al.4145Abiraterone, prednisone and LHRH analogueCR
Our patient (Box 1)172Bicalutamide + LHRH analoguePR
  • Note: CR = complete response, LHRH = luteinizing hormone–releasing hormone, PD = progressive disease, PR = partial response, RT = radiation therapy, SD = stable disease.