Table 1:

Building-level characteristics for matched pairs

PairBuildingGeography (Statistics Canada divisions)No. of unitsPercent occupation by older adults, 65 yr of age or olderNo. of ambulance calls per mo in the previous 2 yr, per 100 unitsSocial program availability*
11Upper Hamilton24596.03.35Well supported
2Upper Hamilton17088.94.04Well supported
23Lower Hamilton20188.73.36Limited
4Lower Hamilton35175.43.83Limited
35Lower Hamilton24470.13.03Limited
6Lower Hamilton20071.23.73Limited
47Lower Hamilton53668.95.01Well supported
8Lower Hamilton37650.83.98Well supported
  • * Well-supported buildings had many offerings, such as diabetic clinics, foot care clinics, exercise classes, walking clubs, cooking-for-one classes, mind–body seminars and social activities (e.g., bingo and coffee-tea socials). Limited-support buildings had only 1 or 2 offerings.