Table 2:

Routes of administration of injectable medications in the Air Canada and WestJet medical kits*

MedicationConcentration of ampule/vialRoute(s) of administration
Atropine0.6 mg/mLIV
Dextrose 50%25 g/50 mLIV
Diazepam10 mg/2 mLIV or IM
Dimenhydrinate250 mg/5 mLIV or IM
Diphenhydramine50 mg/mLIV or IM
Epinephrine 1:10001 mg/mLIM
Furosemide40 mg/4 mLIV or IM
Haloperidol5 mg/mLIV or IM
Ketorolac30 mg/mLIV or IM
Lidocaine100 mg/mLIV
Methylprednisolone125 mgIV or IM
  • Note: IM = intramuscular, IV = intravenous.

  • * Clinical discretion is advised, as the efficacy of the medication may vary depending on the chosen route of administration. Note that WestJet aircraft also carry prefilled syringe doses of both atropine and epinephrine (1:10 000).

  • This concentration of epinephrine should be given only via the IM route unless the patient is in cardiac arrest.

  • This is the only pre-prepared medication and is meant for use as an antiarrhythmic during cardiac arrest.

  • Source: Adapted from information in the Air Canada medical kit.