Table 1:

Demographic characteristics of enrolment and participants in the Personal Genome Project Canada

CharacteristicNo. of participants
Potential registered*1123
Enrolled in study*63
Included participants
 This WGS study56
 Median age at enrolment (range), yr51 (25–81)
 Common health conditions
  History of cancer7
  Cardiovascular disease7
  Neuropsychiatric disorder11
 Self-reported ancestry
  Middle Eastern3
  Canadian Indigenous1
  East Asian1
  • Note: WGS = whole genome sequencing. Potential participants registered online ( Enrolment was a multistep process (Figure 1). Ancestry clustering data are available in Appendix 1 (Figure S1, S2).

  • * Reference date: Sept. 1, 2017.

  • Unless specified otherwise.