Table 6:

Net reclassification improvement of the cognitive quotient over the Mini-Mental State Examination cut-off score* of < 24, by sample population

  • Note: CSHA = Canadian Study of Health and Aging, (22) NACC = National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center’s Uniform Data Set, (25) NRIe = net reclassification improvement for events (participants with dementia), NRIne = net reclassification improvement for nonevents (participants with normal cognition), NRI = total net reclassification improvement, 3MS = Modified Mini-Mental State Examination.

  • * In the training sample population (CHSA), most participants with a 3MS score of 78 or more were automatically classified as cognitively normal without further clinical evaluation, thus providing an artificial advantage to the MMSE cut-off for nonevents.