Table 1:

Classification of 1648 suicides as perinatal or non-perinatal, according to data source

Data source and groupGroup; no. (%) of suicides n = 1648Perinatal suicide rate per 100 000 live birthsSuicides during perinatal period as % of all perinatal deaths
Coroner data
Overall35 (2.1)1613 (97.9)
Pregnancy only13 (0.8)NA
Postpartum only22 (1.3)NA
Administrative data
Overall46 (2.8)1602 (97.2)
Pregnancy only17 (1.0)NA
Postpartum only29 (1.8)NA
Combined data
Overall51 (3.1)1597 (96.9)2.585.3
Pregnancy only20 (1.2)NA1.014.4 (of all pregnancy-related deaths)
Postpartum only31 (1.9)NA1.576.0 (of all postpartum-related deaths)
  • Note: NA = not applicable.