Table 1:

Provincial and territorial drug programs that provide benefits to children*

Universal program for all residents without private insurance (deductibles are not income-indexed)
Income-indexed drug plan
Income-indexed catastrophic drug plan for persons with very high costs relative to income or transitional plan for persons leaving social assistance§
Social assistance/welfare
Special family/child program for low-income families
Specific program for:
 Cystic fibrosis
 Human growth hormone
 Children with severe disabilities
Umbrella program for chronic disease
  • Note: AB = Alberta, BC = British Columbia, MB = Manitoba, NB = New Brunswick, NL = Newfoundland, NS = Nova Scotia, NU = Nunavut, NWT = Northwest Territories, ON = Ontario,

  • PE = Prince Edward Island, QC = Quebec, SK = Saskatchewan, YK = Yukon.

  • * Programs described are those in effect as of April 2015 except where indicated.

  • The Ontario universal pharmacare program is for all residents under 25 years of age, regardless of insurance status; effective January 2018.

  • For children who are registered Indigenous or Inuit, or infants of parents that meet these criteria.

  • § Alberta’s transitional program is not income-indexed and does not require cost sharing.