Table 2:

Effect of cost drivers on differences in estimated 2015 expenditure per capita on all 6 primary care therapeutic categories in each country compared with the other 9 comparator countries combined*

DriverMixed financing, CanadaUniversal public financingUniversal social insurance financing
AustraliaNew ZealandNorwaySwedenUKFranceGermanyNetherlandsSwitzerland
Domestic expenditure per capita, $15891235956811069749171
Comparator expenditure per capita, $91999999100103969910196
Difference in expenditure, %74−8−77−41−44−2210−2−5277
Domestic days of therapy per capita260222228198243267236279238202
Comparator days of therapy per capita253256254255254251258245255255
Difference in days of therapy, %3−13−11−22−46−914−7−21
Difference in cost per day of therapy, percentage point difference716−66−19−40−2818−16−4598
Choice effects
Broad mix of therapies, %1114−10−3−16−114−12−1111
Narrow mix of therapies, %811−23−8−13−2311−5−1018
Price effects
Generic use−96−713115−3−212
  • * The comparator for each country is the population-weighted sum of all 9 other countries studied.

  • The percentage point differences for the drivers of cost per day of therapy depict how much higher or lower per capita expenditures are because of differences between the specific country’s utilization or pricing patterns and those of the other comparator countries. Some totals and subtotals will not add up exactly because of rounding.