Table 1:

Characteristics of study participants

CharacteristicNo. (%) of participants*
n = 120
n = 60
Age, yr, mean ± SD45.7 ± 11.945.3 ± 11.2
Sex, female89 (74)45 (75)
Ethnic origin, white110 (92)56 (93)
Clinical factors
Family history of MS18 (15)NA
Duration of MS, yr, median (IQR)10.5 (5–18)NA
EDSS, median (IQR)2.25 (1.5–3.5)0 (0)
MS subtype
Relapsing–remitting86 (72)NA
Secondary progressive17 (14)NA
Primary progressive12 (10)NA
Clinically isolated syndrome4 (3)NA
Neuromyelitis optica1 (1)NA
Current disease-modifying treatment
None58 (48)NA
Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone)42 (35)NA
Interferon ß1a (Rebif)12 (10)NA
Interferon ß1a (Avonex)3 (2)NA
Interferon ß1b (Betaseron)3 (2)NA
Fingolimod (Gilenya)2 (2)NA
  • Note: EDSS = Expanded Disability Status Scale (where steps 1.0–4.5 refer to patients with MS who are fully ambulatory, steps 5.0–9.5 are defined by impairment in neurologic function with progressive disability corresponding to higher numbers on the scale, and step 10.0 refers to death due to MS) (33), IQR = interquartile range, MS = multiple sclerosis, NA = not applicable, SD = standard deviation.

  • * Except where indicated otherwise.