Table 5:

Prevalence of risky behaviours and health characteristics during the baseline period and the second trimester of pregnancy, as reported in the Canadian Community Health Survey

VariableAffirmative responsePrevalence rate*Relative odds (95% CI)
Risky behaviors
Smoking13325100.33 (0.16–0.76)
Alcohol2274440.06 (0.02–0.19)
Gambling12623110.42 (0.21–0.92)
Health and wellness
Dental clinic visit40269761.42 (0.79–2.47)
Eye clinic visit16630210.63 (0.35–1.16)
Prohibit smoking in home47181922.61 (1.06–5.63)
New health goal36264560.73 (0.44–1.20)
Satisfied with life53292996.36 (0.83–22.43)
Validation questions§
Born in Canada45980821.15 (0.59–2.10)
Currently pregnant76197
  • Note: CI = confidence interval.

  • * Calculated per 100 respondents during corresponding interval. Baseline spans the 3-year period before conception; pregnancy spans 3 total months of second trimester. One month was defined as 28 consecutive days in all analyses.

  • Survey questions: SMK_Q202, ALW_Q5, CPG_Q02.

  • Survey questions: HCU_Q02E, EYX_Q140, ETS_Q30, CIH_Q1, GEN_Q02E.

  • § Survey questions: SDC_Q1, HWT_Q1.