Table 1:

Access to and use of primary care resources

Primary care resourceTotal, % (95% CI)*
Have a regular medical doctor
 Yes95.1 (9 3.2–97.1)
Frequency of care by the same physician or nurse
 Always78.0 (7 4.5–81.5)
Availability of after-hours access to primary care physician
 Yes31.9 (2 7.9–36.0)
Other health professionals (e.g., nurse practitioners, nutritionists) in the primary care physician’s office
 Yes24.2 (2 0.9–27.4)
Other professionals involved in care in past 12 mo
 Yes6.1 (4.6–7.6)
Willing to see a nurse practitioner if primary care physician not available
 Yes87.3 (8 4.7–90.0)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval.

  • * All proportions and 95% confidence intervals are weighted and bootstrapped as per Statistics Canada guidelines. All items were based on self-reported data.