Table 2:

Factors associated with receipt of seasonal influenza vaccine during pregnancy

FactorAdjusted OR* (95% CI)
High-risk status (v. low risk)1.22 (1.08–1.38)
Smoking during pregnancy (v. no smoking)0.81 (0.71–0.94)
Single, widowed or divorced (v. married or common law)0.83 (0.07–0.94)
Multiparous (v. primiparous)0.87 (0.78–0.96)
Rural residence (v. urban)1.18 (1.06–1.32)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval, OR = odds ratio.

  • * Adjusted for other terms in the model.

  • Pre-existing diabetes, pulmonary disease (including asthma), renal disease, heart disease or anemia.