Table 2:

Case reports of serious adverse events related to grapefruit–drug interaction1826

Serious adverse eventDrugAmount of grapefruit consumed
Torsade de pointesAmiodarone18Juice, 1–1.5 L/d on a regular basis
Quinine in tonic water19Juice, high volume during preceding days
Complete heart blockVerapamil20Juice, high volume during preceding days
RhabdomyolysisAtorvastatin21,22Juice, 1–2 glasses/d for 5 d; juice from fresh grapefruit daily for 2 mo
Simvastatin23Whole fruit, 1 fruit/d for 2 wk
NephrotoxicityTacrolimus24Marmalade, 1.5 kg eaten during preceding 1 wk
MyelotoxicityColchicine25Juice, 1 L/d for preceding 2 mo
Venous thrombosisEthinylestradiol26Whole fruit, 1 fruit/d for breakfast for preceding 3 d