Table 1:

Sociodemographic characteristics of the survey respondents, weighted to the Canadian population of 26.0 million people aged 12 years and older, by ethnicity (2003–2009)

Ethnicity, %*
CharacteristicWhiteChineseSouth AsianAboriginalBlackFilipinoWest Asian/ArabLatin AmericanSoutheast AsianKoreanJapaneseMultiracial/Other
Unweighted sample, no.385 8007355577819 286447823602324212316438846145843
Weighted population, no. (%), 1000s21 281 (81.8)877 (3.4)850 (3.3)710 (2.8)562 (2.2)315 (1.2)337 (1.3)281 (1.1)215 (0.8)105 (0.4)48 (0.2)445 (1.7)
Female sex515148525157454949535749
Age, yr
 ≥ 65161086655458208
Has a chronic disease19111422151412121381317
High use of health services221824261715191815141921
Immigration status
 Recent immigrant (< 10 yr)2323712540463627511919
 Long-term resident (≥ 11 yr)10504415047405051312032
Household income
Level of education
 Less than high school231922372415212025181223
 High school16161515159121718131715
 More than high school616463486176676357697262
Self-reported health status
Has a regular doctor868890778086777283788383
Smoking status
 Daily or occasional231010411212181714161422
Married or common-law606063494156545655556249
  • * Unless otherwise specified.

  • People who had five or more visits or telephone contacts with a nurse, family physician or medical specialist in one year.

  • Data were missing for 16% of respondents. Income levels were defined previously by Kwong and colleagues.1