Table 2:

Comparison of methods currently used by major international guideline-producing bodies

Guideline groupTopic selectionConflicts of interestMembersStakeholder involvementReview processMethod for summarizing evidence
WHO9Topics recommended internally by WHO departmentsDeclared and publishedDifferent group for each guideline
Groups are multidisciplinary and include content experts, methodologists and end users; consumer involvement is encouraged
Review documents and participate in guideline work groupResearch questions (experts and end users)
Systematic review protocol and evidence tables (experts)
Guidelines (experts and organizational reviewers)
US Preventive Services Task Force8Topics nominated by the public, task force members and stakeholdersDeclared, not publishedMultidisciplinary panel of 16 health-related disciplines, nominated for 4-year term
No consumers in the guideline work group
Review and disseminate documents
Briefing webinars offered on all guidelines
New methods of stakeholder involvement are being tested
Public comment on research plans, evidence review, guidelinesRecommendations graded as A, B, C or D reflecting whether the service is recommended
ā€œIā€ statements used if evidence is insufficient to make a recommendation
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence10Topics selected by Department of Health but based on input from clinicians and publicDeclared and publishedClinical group differs for each guideline; technical members (search, research, synthesis) are constant
Groups include health professionals, patient and caregiver representatives and registered stakeholders
Involved in all steps throughout the process and as members of guideline work group DisseminationPublic consultation, peer reviewModified GRADE
Recommendations are not rated as strong or weak
Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health CareTopics nominated by public, task force members, stakeholders, literature reviewDeclared and posted on websiteMultidisciplinary panel of 14 methodologic, primary care and guideline experts, nominated for 3-year term
Subset of a minimum of 3 task force members in each guideline work group
No consumers in guideline work group
Topic selection, review of documentsResearch question
Systematic review protocol
Evidence report and guidelines reviewed by experts, and subject-matter and generalist organizations
  • Note: GRADE = Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation, WHO = World Health Organization.