Table 2:

Results for a randomized controlled trial on the effect of surgery on ability to walk in 101 patients with spinal cord compression caused by metastatic cancer (12)

VariableResultSurgery and radiotherapy
n = 50
Radiotherapy alone
n = 51
Walking at baselineWalking at follow-up3226
Not walking at follow-up29
Not walking at baselineWalking at follow-up103
Not walking at follow-up613
Crude risk ratio (95% CI)1.48 (1.13–1.93)1.00 (reference)
Crude odds ratio (95% CI)3.98 (1.56–10.17)1.00 (reference)
Stratified risk ratio* (95% CI)1.48 (1.16–1.90)1.00 (reference)
Stratified odds ratio* (95% CI)6.26 (1.98–19.75)1.00 (reference)
  • CI = confidence interval.

  • * Stratified for walking at baseline.