Table 2:

Laboratory results before and after treatment with intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 for severe vitamin B12 deficiency presenting as pseudo-thrombotic microangiopathy

InvestigationReference rangeDay since admission
Day 1Day 2Day 3*Day 4Day 5Day 7Day 35
Hemoglobin, g/L135–1754510371717579120
MCV, fL80–10011193.194.492.596.398.889
Platelets, × 109/L150–400682619161354184
Leukocytes, × 109/L4–112.9222.8243.7
Unconjugated bilirubin, μmol/L0–125850.75155
Lactate dehydrogenase, U/L110–230> 45004424> 20001308155
d-dimer, ng/mL< 50040 05222 03638 39228751396304
Vitamin B12, pmol/L138–652< 117404
  • Note: INR = international normalized ratio, MCV = mean corpuscular volume.

  • * First dose of intramuscular vitamin B12 given on day 3 of hospital admission.

  • After transfusion of 4 units packed red blood cells.

  • Laboratory reported > 2000 U/L and not the exact value.